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We Are An East Dallas Owner-Operated Roofer!

Dallas roofing companies are posting signs everywhere, but who can you trust?  The big national brand that franchises work out to contractors they may or may not know?  The small, one-man storm chasers that swoop in overnight and leave just as quickly?

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Your best bet for dependable, trusted roofing is going with a company that is family-owned and local, a roofing company that has been in Dallas for over 10 years and has exceptional references.

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East dallas Roofing

If hail and wind have caused damage to your home, call us today at 469-867-0515.  We can help assess damages and provide you with an estimate to present to your adjuster for approval when he has time to visit your property and initiate your claim.  We’ll even meet with your adjuster and make the process simple and hassle free.

Dallas is no stranger to surprise hail storms that produce baseball sized hail, causing extensive damage to homes in Dallas’ historic Lakewood and Swiss Avenue areas.  Many homes are topped with terra cotta tiles, which are difficult and expensive to replace.  In some cases, home owners will spend nearly a quarter of a million dollars to replace their Spanish revival roofing.

Damages sustained include:

  • Missing, dented and torn shingles
  • Broken windows
  • Broken roof tiles
  • Downed fences
  • Mangled trees

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